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ROSA MARÍA LASTRA (Arvo Institucional)

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Rosa Maria Lastra LLB, MA (Valladolid), LLM (Harvard), PhD (Madrid)
Queen Mary - University of London

Vd: http://www.law.qmul.ac.uk/people/academic/lastra.html

Rosa Maria Lastra is Senior Lecturer in International Financial and Monetary Law at CCLS. Prior to joining CCLS, she was Assistant Professor and Director of the International Finance and Business Program at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs in New York. She has served as a consultant to the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the UK Treasury Select Committee. She is a member of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee, an Associate Member of the Financial Markets Group of the London School of Economics and an Affiliated Scholar of the Center for the Study of Central Banking at New York University Law School. She has published extensively in the field of financial law and is a general editor of the Journal of Banking Regulation.

Research Interests
Central banking, financial law and regulation, international banking, international monetary law, law reform in emerging economies and EU financial law

Publications Since 2001
Risk-based Capital Requirements and their Impact upon the Banking Industry: Basel II and CAD III [2004] 12(3) Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance 225-239, ISSN: 1358-1988
The Governance Structure for Financial Supervision and Regulation in Europe [2003] 10(1) Columbia Journal of European Law 49-68, ISSN: 1076-6715
Cross-Border Bank Insolvency: Legal Implications in the Case of Banks Operating in Different Jurisdictions in Latin America [2003] 6(1) Journal of International Economic Law 79-110, ISSN: 1369-3034 and [2004] 5(3) Journal of International Banking Regulation 201-223, ISSN: 1465-4830
Regulating European Securities Markets: Beyond the Lamfalussy Report, in M. Andenas and Y. Avreginos (Editors), Financial Markets in Europe: Towards a Single Regulator?, London: Kluwer Law International, 211-222, ISBN: 9041121595
Comparative Aspects of Depositor Protection Schemes: Comparative (Co-author with D. Arner) in D. Arner and J. Lin (Editors), Financial Regulation: A Guide to Structural Reform, Hong Kong: Thomson Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2003, 463-478, ISBN: 9626611979
Cross-Border Trade in Banking Services, in G. Alpa and F. Capriglione (Editors), Diritto Bancario Comunitario, Le Leggi Commentate, Turin: UTET, 2002, 433-455, ISBN: 8802059209
IMF Conditionality [2002] 4(2) Journal of International Banking Regulation 167-182, ISSN: 1465-4830
How Much Accountability for Central Banks and Supervisors? [2001] 12(2) Central Banking 69-75, ISSN: 0960-6319
Cross-Border Trade in Financial Services, in I. Fletcher, M. Cremona and L. Mistelis (Editors), Foundations and Perspectives of International Trade Law, London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2001, 428-436, ISBN: 0421741007
Public Accountability in the Financial Sector (Co-author with H. Shams), in E. Ferran and C. Goodhart (Editors), Regulating Financial Services and Markets in the 21st Century, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2001, 165-188, ISBN: 1841132799
Central Bank Independence in Ordinary and Extraordinary Times (Co-author with G. Miller), in Jan Kleineman (Editor), Central Bank Independence: The Economic Foundations, the Constitutional Implications and Democratic Accountability, The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 2001, 31-50, ISBN: 9139006867
The Reform of the International Financial Architecture (Editor), London and Boston: Kluwer Law International, 2001, 370+xxvi, ISBN: 9041198024
The Bretton Woods Institutions in the XXIst Century, in R. Lastra (Editor), The Reform of the International Financial Architecture, London: Kluwer Law International, 2001, 67-90, ISBN: 9041198024
The Governance Structure for Financial Regulation in Europe, London: LSE Financial Markets Group, 2001, [URL]

Other Selected Publications
The International Monetary Fund in Historical Perspective [2000] 3(3) Journal of International Economic Law 507-523, ISSN: 1369-3034
The Division of Responsibilities between the European Central Bank and the National Central Banks within the European System of Central Banks [2000] 6(2) Columbia Journal of European Law 167-180, ISSN: 1076-6715
Bank Failures and Bank Insolvency Law in Economies in Transition (Co-editor with H.N. Schiffman), London: Kluwer Law International, 1999, 333+xvi, ISBN: 9041197141
Lender of Last Resort, an International Perspective [1999] 48 The International and Comparative Law Quarterly 340-361, ISSN: 0020-5893
Central Banking and Banking Regulation, London: Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics, 1996, 329+viii, ISBN: 0753007258
The Independence of the European System of Central Banks [1992] 33(2) Harvard International Law Journal 475-519, ISSN: 0017-8063


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